Property 2020 Investment Summit

Who Else Wants To Find Out "What's Next" for the Australian Property Market?

Discover how to set yourself up for life by 2020!

We asked 4 Self-Made Real Estate Multi-Millionaires, "How would you set yourself up with a healthy passive income if you had to start again with virtually zero today?"

Then we drilled down
  • Where would you invest for capital growth windfalls, and massive passive cashflow?
  • What strategies would you use to secure real estate without using your own money?
  • How would you minimise the risks involved - so you could invest with maximum safety and confidence?

And we've got them all to agree to share their uncensored, candid answers with you at this exciting new Property 2020 Summit

This means, in just 1 day, you'll get 4 unique 'game plans' to help you achieve your own richer financial future.

Then you can choose your way to financial freedom that suits you best.
This has never been done before and will likely never be repeated again.
So go ahead and claim your free ticket now to this exlcusive '4-in-1' mega-masterclass

4 person

Also revealed at Property 2020 the specific property cycles for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

At this free event, you’ll also get a ‘snapshot’ of what’s really happening in the Aussie property market – behind the mainstream media’s headlines.

Where are the next postcodes to boom – and what danger zones to stay away from.

Hot opportunities in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Goldcoast and regional cities revealed.

But even better…you’ll also discover…

$8.1 Billion Reasons This Could Be the Next ‘Mega Boom’ - All Over Again!

A recent new study reveals that up to $8.1 Billion of new wealth is rushing into a certain group of postcodes.

This is because of a huge flood of people are moving into this area.
That’s more than 8,000 x $1 million! Do you think that will have an impact on property prices? You better believe it.

This could be like the Sydney ‘mega boom’ all over again. In fact, it’s possibly your last chance to find properties in Australia priced at below $450,000…that could potentially double in value in the next 5-10 years.

And at this event, you’ll discover exactly what postcodes to position your money in now to take advantage of it.

What's the big deal about Property 2020?

First of all, like all things we’re all smarter with hindsight. However, there is a way to predict the property market and cycles going forward. In fact, it’s not that difficult. History repeats and for those in the know, they can profit wildly from understanding a being across historical property cycles of the past.


So by attending Property 2020, you’ll have access to that information and no longer have to invest without certainty or confidence. In fact, what you’ll have is 2020-vision going forward. Hence the name, Property 2020.

Never miss out again on a property cycle and have a road-map of what’s going to happen in the Australian real estate market in the next 5-7 years. You’ll be like the Nostradamus of property predictions to your friends and families… and all of that as a consequence of making the smart decision to attend Property 2020.

At the jam-packed Property 2020
Summit, you'll discover:

  • The 60 Second 'Boom Suburb Spotter

    How to look at any capital city map and in just one minute know which suburb will likely soar in price next. It’s easy with this property ‘heat-seeking’ secret.

  • How to get 5 Incomes from the 1 Property

    This simple ‘rent-by-the-room’ strategy can potentially increase your cash flow 3x. Better still, you can use it on properties you don’t even own. This means no deposit or bank loan needed.

  • Real Estate Exodus!

    Floods of people are moving across Australia to greener pastures right now. And, the postcodes they are moving to are destined to boom in price. Here’s how to use this mega-trend to potentially double your money fast.

  • How to Follow the “Smart Money” in Real Estate. We’ll show you how to ‘mirror’ the secret investing moves of the super-rich.

  • Discover ‘The Ultimate Real Estate Tax Shelter’. This simple secret allows you to potentially slash thousands of dollars off your tax bill while still growing your asset base. This is a completely legal and ethical ‘ATO Approved’ strategy.

  • How to Finance up to 6 Property Deals Per Year by Tapping into ‘Private Money’. Forget the banks. There’s floods of money out there for the taking - when you know how to find it.

  • How to boost your property’s value by up to 22% in a single year – even if the market stays flat”. One student used this ‘Value Flipping’ secret to skyrocket a property’s value by $165,000 in just 12 months. Without building or renovating a thing!

  • Not only that, at this event, you’ll also discover ‘Low and No Money Down Investing Secrets’ from experts who have done it.

  • And much more...

Your Speakers at the Real Estate Investing Success - 1 Day Conference”

Dymphna Boholt - Financially Independent Private Investor and Bestselling Author – Positive Cashflow Real Estate Secrets No One Ever Told You…

Dymphna’s a retired accountant, qualified economist, full-time real estate investor, author of 5 books, founder of the iLoveRealEstate Community with 10,167 members and mother of 3 children.

She helps her students achieve real results in real estate using a unique approach to the ‘mainstream’ rather than losing money each month through ‘negative gearing’… She’ll show you how to get ‘cashflow and wealth today and tomorrow’ while still getting the maximum tax advantages possible.

Dymphna will also show you:

  • How to potentially set yourself up with a healthy income for life in real estate by as soon as July 25th 2020
  • How to potentially slash big money off your tax bill without getting on the wrong side of the ATO
  • How to get positive cashflow of $250 - $300 per week even in blue chip capital city suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • How to protect your families wealth from sue-happy litigants

A Personal Message from Dymphna -

“How a ‘heart breaking’ question from my Daughter - made me a real estate millionaire”

"How much do people pay you an hour" my daughter asked me?

They pay $90 an hour for my accounting work, I replied.


Because, I want to pay you to spend more time with us.

My heart broke.

I knew I had been putting in long hours at work.

As a single mum, I needed to keep food on the table.

But I never knew the effect it was having on my daughter or how much she missed me

I decided then that things needed to change.

I noticed that my wealthy accounting clients all had one thing in common – real estate investing.

My friends and family thought I was mad when I told them I wanted to replace my income with income from property. Some even laughed….

But then, 18 months later when I achieved financial freedom…they were asking me for tips.

But that was then. What about you? What about now?

Could you really achieve financial freedom in today’s market - Not in 20 years but by as soon as July 25th 2020?

That’s the big question I am going to answer for you at this new event.

Nadia and Steve: Eat all of the buffalo!

When Brad went to Dymphna's 1-Day event he was in a negative equity and cash-flow

From Working Harder... to Smarter. Collaboration over competition. WIN/WIN/WIN

Grew up in Kensington Housing Commission Flats

Kelly and Liam: The Newlyweds - Dream IT, Achieve IT

Megan and Kevin: Releasing Shrapnel from the Soul

Mark Rolton - The 'Real Estate Wealth Without Ownership' Secret

Speaker 2

How to create wealth in real estate starting with as little as $5,000 – because no loans and deposits needed.

What You Need to Know About Mark Rolton:

  • Became a millionaire by age 30
  • Went from $430,000 in debt to earning a staggering $1.066 Million in 34 days in Real Estate
  • Shared the stage with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson and a host of other respected leaders...
  • Taught thousands of students how to grow wealth through property.
  • An ironman triathlete, adventure racer and avid helicopter enthusiast.

“From Financial Train Wreck to Deca-Millionaire”

About 15 years ago I was up to my eyeballs in debt after a staff member embezzled money from my building company. Yet, I turned that around and now have a fortune in the $10’s of millions. I am not smarter than the average person and I certainly wasn’t born into money.

My secret is I know how to create wealth in property without owning the properties. This means I am not held back by running out of deposits or serviceability. This allows me to put my investing onto 3x speed, while other investors max out. I’m excited to meet you at this event and answer any important questions you have.

“How would I set myself up for life by 2020 if I was only starting out with $5,000.” Get ready because my answer to this question could change everything for you.

Even better, I’ll also show you:

  • How can you potentially get an instant cashflow boost. The government ‘loophole’ that pays you extra money every fortnight on your investment property. Less than 1% of investors know about this loophole. I’ll show you how to “claim” your money.
  • How to uncover the next growth hotspots BEFORE other investors. The free website that tells you an area is poised to explode in property prices.
  • How to guarantee you receive rent every week even when your property is vacant. Plus no need to pay for landlord insurance.
  • What is the best type of property to buy. I’ll share the only “type” of property I typically buy and how much I pay for the best potential returns and much more.

    I look forward to meeting you in person at the event.

Donna and Troy made $670,000.00 by splitting, renovating and relocating

Justin produces $88,320.00 rental income just by turning an old house into a commercial property

Kevin banked $65,022 by splitting a block

Don did his first option deal at the age of 72, and made $159,983!

David and Jonathan combined two houses, expecting to make $403,000.00

Steve and Jim will make $1.2 million profit as developers

Jason Byron – How to Turn $0 into
Real Estate Profit Windfalls

If you’re looking for a big financial breakthrough in the next 6 months, you’ll love meeting Jason. That’s because they can teach you what is arguably the ‘highest income producing skill’ in Australia. Let me explain. Jason was a Camera man. He was earning good money from his business and life was good. But then broke his leg and was told he couldn’t stand on it for 3 months.

Speaker 3

This meant, he couldn’t film anymore because he couldn’t stand up…

So, his income went to virtually ZERO for 3 months!

This was his big wake up call.

“It was devastating! I knew I had to change the way I made money so I would never put us in financial strife like that again”

From that moment, he started to ‘play a different game’ in his life. This lead him to create a unique real estate cashflow system for financial independence…

Which doesn’t require you to put in your own money to get started…

Allows you to potentially create big chunks of profit every 3 to 6 months

With maximum safety - because you are following a proven ‘road-tested’ process

This system has given Jason and Amy up to $1 million per year of personal income without taking big risks - or in many cases even using their own money.

Now, they are going to show you how they do it. Specifically they will answer the question:

‘How to do your first big-money deal by as soon as December 15th 2018 without even using your money”


Jason and Amy will also show you:

  • How to snag properties at up to 23% below market value - even if they are not for sale right now. Who you need to talk to first (not the real estate agent).
  • How to ‘copy and paste’ their real estate cashflow formula – so you can do it in your own postcode.
  • How to put together your own real estate “A-team” to help build your real estate empire.. This is about you as the ‘General’ and not the ‘foot soldier’.
  • How to access ‘pools’ of ‘Private Money’ to fund your real estate deals. So you don’t need to rely on the banks and can do up to 3 or 4 deals per year.

    And much more

Helen Tarrant “Australia’s Queen of Cashflow” Reveals….How to Retire Financially Free with just 3 Properties

Speaker 4

Helen used to work in the Salon industry in Sydney. She worked long hours every day and when she came home at night she was dog-tired.

Things got worse when she was starting a family. She couldn’t keep up the same pace. So, she decided to replace her working income with income from property.

She tried investing in residential property but the yields were simply not high enough to replace her income.

So, she dug a little deeper and found she could get much greater cashflow investing in commercial properties, cafes, offices and the like.

The result? She now earns over $6,000 per week passive income from her portfolio simply by investing in ‘set and forget’ commercial property.

Now she wants to show you how to build a healthy income through ‘set and forget’ cashflow investing too.

Some of the Deals in Helen’s Portfolio

Speaker 4 Deals

At the event, Helen will also show you:

  • A simple tactic to help make sure your commercial property has little or no vacancies while increasing your rental income every year.
  • Why now is the best time ever to get into commercial property. Why smart investors who take advantage of this small window of opportunity could achieve financial success quickly and safely
  • How to find high return “set and forget” commercial properties. Once you’ve purchased a commercial property you can literally forget about it and simply collect the rent year in year out. Plus my smart investors checklist revealed.
  • How to create massive capital gains to your commercial property without renovations or building more offices. So much easier than residential property.

    And much more

Get the Answers to Your Biggest
Wealth Questions in 1 Day

You’ll discover literally dozens of new strategies, research
tips and ideas at this hot new event.
  • How to buy properties at big discounts.
  • Where to find cashflow properties.
  • How to find free blocks of land
  • How to potentially get virtually ‘instant equity’ from a deal

And much more

But most of all, you’ll hear from 4 property millionaires telling you exactly how they would set themselves up for life.

So you can ‘copy and paste’ their process to help achieve your financial freedom goals.

This has never been done before and it will never be repeated.

That’s why attending this event is so important for your future wealth creation. So, join over 1,000’s of other Australians and reserve your free ticket now.

Dates, Time and Venues

Venue 1

Saturday, 7th July 2018

Pan Pacific

207 Adelaide Tce. Perth

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Venue 1

Sunday, 8th July 2018

The Playford

120 North Tce. Adelaide

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Venue 1

Saturday, 21st July 2018

Sydney Sofitel Wentworth

61 Philip St, Sydney

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Venue 1

Sunday, 22nd July 2018

Novotel Parramatta

350 Church St, Parramatta

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Venue 1

Saturday, 28th July 2018

Pullman King George Square

Cnr Ann & Roma St’s, Brisbane

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Venue 1

Sunday, 29th July 2018

Pullman on the Park

192 Wellington Pde, Melbourne

(8am Reg) 9am to 7pm

Property 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this event for?
Everyone from beginners from to seasoned investors will get massive value from this event. That’s because just one little tip could add significant wealth to your bank account, if you apply it.
All of the investing experts speaking will have offers available to personally support you as you grow your investment portfolio. We thought the best way to help you choose if any of them are right for you, would be to offer a full day of their best ideas and tips. This way you can ‘try before you buy’ on the day. And, even if you don’t choose to go ahead with any ongoing support, you’ll learn a stack about real estate and wealth creation on the day.
Yes, you can – just send them to this page to register.
As you can imagine, this is a big logistical feat to bring together, so at this stage we don’t have any other events planned. So, please do whatever you can to be there.
Tea, coffee and juice will be available for you on arrival. Got a question that hasn’t been covered? Call the office on (03) 9490 8888 - we're here to help you.